About Us

The change in government policy to address the housing shortage has provided a wider scope of opportunities to help increase the properties required in the UK. At Building First Homes we recognise the constant turn around in housing needs offering development and refurbishment of residential properties from land acquisition, design, obtaining planning permission and construction.

Project Management

We work with a network of property landowners, estate agents and investors to identify development opportunities. With an appointed project manager to manage your entire project end-to-end. We have subject matter experts in each development area to ensure the quality of our developments.

Land Acquisition

Building First Homes work with a network of individuals and companies with knowledge of residential housing land acquisition opportunities including, private landowners, estate agents and investors. We also conduct our own research particularly on off-market opportunities not advertised to individuals. A business case is developed which takes into account: land and national market conditions, a supply and demand analysis and ultimately the financial viability.

Obtaining Planning Permission

Obtaining planning permission can be a complex and time consuming process. At Building First Homes we have a network of specialist with specific knowledge working together to acquire planning permission for brownfield, green belt land etc. We will have site and milestone inspection visits with the local council planning officers during the project. Plans are also drawn up taking into account the sensitivity of the local community.

Design Approval Planning

Building First Homes adheres to Section 2 of the NPPF Achieving Sustainable Development where applicable: an economic objective; a social objective; and an environmental objective delivered via preparation and implementation of plans. We develop the conceptual design as part of the process of gaining planning permission and work within the Local Plan guidelines throughout the process.

Construction and Development

Following approval of planning permission Building First Home’s appointed construction engineers, who are experts in their field, progress with the construction and development phases.